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My mother's comment on this photo was, "Oh, son, you look like 30 years old!"

Hello, visitors! I’m Jiatu Liu, a student at the University of Michigan. This is the first blog I have ever run and it is based on my Writing 100 course. Here, you will see my four major assignments, an essay outside of the class, one DSP essay I completed before my U-M life started and another one after I finish the course. All of these essays will be accompanied by reflections. In addition, there will be an incoming writer’s statement and an outgoing writer’s statement. By reading these essays, you will see my perspectives on different writer’s opinions and you’re welcomed to leave your  comments about what you are thinking of. Moreover, you will see my growth as a writer.

In life, I’m a big fan of traveling. When you read my essays, you will see that each of them is decorated by a picture and most of the pictures were taken when I traveled to different countries. You will see how mathematics elements are integrated into the mathematical bridge, standing over River Cam in the renowned University of Cambridge; you will see Jet d’Eau, a large fountain located in Geneva, Switzerland, decorated by colorful rainbow; you will marvel at the beauty of Mount Fuji and you will be impressed by the magnificent Cape of Good Hope.

Wish you have a good time reading my essays and enjoying the photos!

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